Week In The Life 2012

This year marks the third time I have participated in Ali Edwards' A Week In The Life project. You can see 2011 here and 2010 here.

I really enjoy the process of taking pictures of everyday life and collecting bits and pieces of the 'stuff' I collect during the week. I also enjoy looking back and comparing where my life was the last time I did it. 2011's week fell at an unusually busy time for me, it was the week after I moved into my condo. This year, my week was fairly typical-no special events, just work and play. However, I noticed thru these pictures that I am becoming even more domestic as time goes on. Most every day was spent at home, doing 'home stuff'. That's kind of new. 

If you are interested, this is what a typical week looks like for me. Please note that I have not edited these pictures at all, I just pulled out a few of my favorites. I wanted to post my thoughts and some notes so I will remember them when I put together an album. Check it out:

-is typically catch up day for me: to-do lists, laundry, cooking some for the week ahead.
- I was home late teh night before from a weekend trip to see my family in Springfield. That always means extra catchup-mail, newspapers, litter box, etc.
-I had a Groupon for a local produce delivery service, so I came home to a bin full of produce and eggs! They were all really good, but I don't think the service is for me. I got a lot of the same veggies-a whole head of celery, which I rarely eat. However, the eggs..yum! I hard boiled a bunch of them
- I did take a bunch of the produce and cut it up to eat. I heart mango.

-One night a week I work with Amy ,a long time client of mine. We have a pass to the Zoo, and I love love LOVE taking my camera along. I can't believe the peacock let me get so close!
- That giraffe is preggo!
- I want to learn how to use my macro lens and take good flower pictures.

-I worked from home today. I am really thankful for a job that: I love, keeps me interested and has a really flexible schedule. On this particular morning I was searching for jobs online (for my clients), sending resumes, typing up file stuff, etc. 
- I might be getting a new job soon, and that is both exciting and nervewracking. I have been at the same job for 10 years and I am very comfortable there. I keep trying to remind myself that this new opportunity could be even better!
-I am very in to painting my nails lately. Last night I painted them pale green. I use my pretty nails to hold my coffee.
-I got all geared up to go workout...then somehow ended up going shopping? I am not sure how that happened ; ). I wanted this dresser for my house, but eventually decided against it. Errands also included Target and Walgreens.


-woke up early to go workout before I head off to work. That never happens, but see Wednesday-guilty is
a great motivator!
-Eating lunch in my car. I do this alot. I drive alot for work. This is my favorite veggie wrap from the gym.
-At one of my job sites, a nursing home for retired nuns called Mother House. Beautiful building.
-Tried a new recipe for pad thai. Looks pretty, tastes....well, you can see my review here.

-Was one of those days where nothing turned out the way I planned. I spent the morning in the office, then went out to see clients on the job. One had called in sick....two no longer worked on Fridays-oops.
-Went to a matinee of Hunger Games, I have been waiting for a chance to see it-so worth it!
-Went thru pictures from last weekend while watching Fringe, one of my favorite shows right now. Certified Hunk, lol


-Got up VERY early to co host a garage sale with my friend Alicia. She made out like a bandit, I made only $30......boo.
-I finally finished Spring Cleaning 2012. 
- Went o a new restaurant last night: Doc Crow's, yum, yum, yum. The piece de resistance was this bacon sundae. Yes, a bacon sundae. Possible the weirdest and most delicious thing I have ever eaten.


-volunteered at the National Quad Rugby tournament. So much fun. These guys are bad asses!
-nap time
-Sundays are also for: catching up on the DVR, reading, cooking.

If you have stuck around this long, thanks! I hope that my week was entertaining to you-haha! My life is soooo glamourous! 

I'll be back soon to share the album with my pictures and all the other stuff in it. Did you do WITL? Show me!

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