Vegetable Tofu Pad Thai- Recipe 2 of 12

For my second new recipe for 2012 I tried to recreate one of my FAVORITE Oriental dishes-Pad Thai. I used this recipe from Martha Stewart Everyday FoodVegetable and Tofu Pad Thai

I wanted to tackle my phobia/aversion to oriental cooking, learn how to cook tofu properly, and try something with a ton of ingredients. This recipe satisfied all those condition. However, I wasn't overly thrilled with the result. I even tried cooking it a second time, but I still didn't like it. Here's what I learned:

Tofu is one my go-to meal additions. I am not a vegetarian, but my cooking skills are pretty much limited to chicken and fish. I don't  really like red meat, and I have been unsuccessful in cooking most pork, so I leave that to the restaurant set. I cook a lot o tofu, but it usually turned out too squishy and watery, or burnt if I tried to cook it too long. Tofu comes in a plastic tub covered in water, which I would drain off. 

Shout out to Pintrest for randomly showing me a link called "Tips for Cooking Tofu" (sorry, I can't find the link again-I didn't pin it??) The site talked about getting all the water out of the tofu before you cook it. It explained that you should take the large brick of tofu and slice it in half lengthwise. Picture two wide decks of playing cards. Then take each half and press it between 2 paper towels. Press gently so it doesn't stick, and they should look like rectangular pancakes-maybe an inch thick?

OMG that made a HUGE difference! Each little cubed turned out brown and firm, just like in a restaurant! I have a feeling this is one of those things that everyone else but me knows....if it is-don't burst my bubble, ok?  I felt pretty smart after trying it ; ).
Isn't it pretty?

My pasta cooking skills are pretty good, but I had never tried to cook rice noodles (or any other kind of noodle-egg, tofu, quinoa......for goodness sakes). Actually, I figured it was pretty much the same, so I boiled the water, stirred the noodles until good and tender, drained, rinsed. What I ended up with was very overcooked clumps of noodles I cut with a, what?

So, then I read the directions...........duh. To save you the pain of eating clumpy, tough noodles with no sauce on them, this is the gist. Boil water, add noodles, stir for about 5 mins, drain, rinse. My friend Tiffany says she actually boils the water, removes form heat, then soaks the noodles for about 7-10 mins and hers turn out great each time. I'm pretty sure this might be something everyone else knows're welcome.
 I modified the recipe only slightly, I added a TBSP of fish sauce, because it didn't call for any and I thoughts that was weird. Something was off about the sauce, but I can't put my finger on it. It was too sour or something. I made this with Tiffany and she couldn't put her finger on it either. I don't think I'll be making it again.

Thanks for stopping by! 

I'm currently in the market for a great Pad Thai recipe, so if you have one-link me up!