Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh Las Vegas...You Are SO Over The Top!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am home from a long, but very fun day in the 'Nati with my family. I ate more than my share of stuffing, cranberries and pie. I love pie and any holiday that involves pie.....especially when Grandma is on the job! I am a lucky girl, I have the best family and getting to see them makes me really really grateful.

Did any of you do Black Friday shopping? I did stop in to Michael's on my way back to Louisville (I mean, it WAS on the way after all....) and picked up a few things with my coupons. A few things I am really excited to use and I'll share more on that soon. I also want o share a few ideas for Christmas gifts and a few projects I just finished. I have a lot of ideas in my little head. Tonight I wanted to share a few pictures from a weekend trip to Las Vegas I took last month.

 Man, I am not nearly cool enough for that town. I think I am pretty much the worst gambler in the world, and.....I was in my hotel by 12:30 almost every night. Lame. 

However, I did get a bunch of cheesy, touristy pictures......

And drank a LOT of oversized rum drinks.....
And tried an oxygen bar......

And saw the worlds worst Michael Jackson impersonator...

And walked through a LOT of sparkly/busy/gawdy casinos.

 In all seriousness The Cosmopolitan might be my new favorite building EVER. It is Gorgeous!

Ummmm, I want this rug.
And this was all around the outside. So clever!

We took a side trip to the Grand Canyon......

And walked out onto the skywalk....

And took some Brian Walker inspired self portraits....

And went to an 'Old West' town to throw tomahawks

And shoot each other with fake guns

Back in Vegas we celebrated my brother in laws 40th birthday!
And went to an ENTIRE CASINO filled with haunted attractions. That was the best!

It was a really fun weekend. No one got hitched, got a tattoo or got arrested. But, we did laugh A LOT, and walked even more. I don't know if I would ever go back, but I am so glad to cross this glittery city off of my 'cities to see' list.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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