Florida Or Bust

Hello there! 

Are you done with your holiday shopping yet? I thought I was....but, no. My problem is I have zero patience when it comes to driving, circling for a parking space and waiting in long lines with tired people....ugh. I tried really hard this year to do all either handmade or small business gifts. It took some hunting and pecking, mostly online. I am working on a post of gift ideas I found here and there that might interest you!

Today I wanted to share a mini album I finished last week. Most of the pieces are from the Almanac Add On kit from Studio Calico. The mini book is a DayBook from American Crafts, included in the kit. It's really cute alone, because it's filled with different sizes and colors, papers and envelopes. It looks like a lot of found item books I've seen people making-without all the work! The size and number of pages were also great. I actually pulled one page out, because there were so many! I hear they are going to release more styles of this journal, I look forward to kepping my hands on them. The pictures are from my trip over Memorial Day weekend to visit my good friend Nathan in Florida. I love that kid, we always have the most fun when we're together-even when doing nothing at all. And, it's Florida, so I got lots of beach time, that's good for your spirit. What I wouldn't pay to get back to Florida ASAP, but I'm getting off track. 


I had some painters tape left over from painting my condo, so I tried to create a stripe pattern using my Mr. Huey's. It was half successful, I think. I laid the vertical stripes down then sprayed with Sunshine, let that dry, then laid horizontal stripes and sprayed with Piglet. I want to try this technique again on a larger piece of cardstock, and maybe using paint, too.


hahaaaa...these pictures make me laugh out loud. n the left, Nathan is reliving a scene in a movie where 'Hummels Attack'. One the right is a book- 'If You Can't Stand To Cook-cooking for the handicapped'. haha!!
The flashcards to the left are from Elle's Studio.

OK. So I saw this layout from Dear Lizzy and I thought 'what a cool way to include the beach with your beach photos! I took a page protector, cut down to about 3' x 4', and sewed most of it to the page. I used a teeny tiny funnel to get the sand and the shell in there, then finished the stitching. I love how the shell peeks out the space I punched out of the back! I think this would be a cool way to include: pressed flowers, confetti, coins from vacation, lots of stuff!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my book. As always, if you have any questions on how I made anything, leave me a comment!