House Tour (Part 1)

Today I wanted to share a few pictures of my new space. I have a few aunts and siblings that are curious ; ).

#1-Please try and look past any wonkiness in the pictures. The weather the week I took these was gloomy gloomy= bad lighting.
 #2-I am super short so some the angles here are weird. I need a fish eye lens, and a tall friend 
#3-these are my two favorite spaces in the condo, I am really happy how they turned out!

Allow me to set the scene- the condo is a u-shape with bedrooms on both ends. The room I sleep in is to the right of the front door, down a hallway. The kitchen/dining room/living room make up the bottom of the "U". It's a pretty large room. The other end of the "U' is another bedroom/turned office and bathroom/turned 'man cave'. I'll show that off in another post. Click on the photo if you want to see it larger!

All the same furniture, because I love my dressers so much! They were my mother's when she was young. They are a pretty color, are minimal but have cool hardware. The finish has worn badly, someday I would love to get them re-done. The bedspread I bought a year or so ago from Target (Liberty of London) and the colors in it are some of my favorites. It inspired the color of the accent wall.

   Let me back up a little: the condo is a very modern, open floor plan. There are no doors on the bedrooms, and you can kind of peek in them from the main room. The outside of the "U" was painted white, but it was dingy and old looking. The inside of the "U" was this really nice gray. I kept the gray, and my lovely girlfriends helped me re-paint all the white. It helps with the flow of the place and make it uniform. However, I can't like in an all white house, right? SO.....I put a couple of accents walls in there.

(note to self: You have the best friends ever.......and let's face it-without them you'd have a really boring condo)

I know this is bright, and bold. But I love it. It pops so well and matches the bedspread. I think it gives the bedroom a lot of personality.  That light fixture replaces a boring white ceiling fan. Much better, right? I found it at Lamps Plus online. They have a bazillion lights, and great service. I highly recommend them.

Notice the throw pillow? I sewed it from a t-shirt with a famous KY phrase ; )...haha. I was pretty impressed with myself on that one.

A little grouping on top of my dresser:

Overall I didn't spend too much money on the bedroom. Paint, light, a wall shelf (not pictured), a couple of picture frames, and a table lamp. I mixed in a bunch of things I already had-namely two black and white photos that were hanging elsewhere in my apartment. I still need to dress up my naked window and maybe add a rug, but I love this room! I have the best naps in this room.....and that is saying alot.


This is were I sit to catch up on TV at night!

This is by far the nicest looking room in the joint.  I had the couches and a few of the end tables but alot of the pieces in here are new. Namely the coffee table, pillows, lights, and dining room furniture you will see a little later. Like I said, I got really lucky with the gray on the inside wall. It was modern and very easy to decorate from.
    Something else I should point out is that this condo was previously a rental. Read-not cleaned well, dingy and worn. There was an old gray carpet in here that stunk like the inside of a bar. I pulled that out and put down laminate flooring. I know everyone gets hard wood floors, but I had that in my last apartment. They are way hard to maintain with wheelchair wheels tracking dirt and cat paws leaving marks. Laminate is very durable and easy to clean. Really, in this space I have a lot of rugs out and most of the floor is covered, so I don't think you can tell a difference. (did I mention it also took about $1,000 off the cost? right.)
To the left of the couch is this wonderful photo wall. I am totally thrilled with the way it turned out, although I have two last frames to fill with pictures I cannot find. There's a mix of old/new frames, cloth frames, shiny, matted/unmatted, and that great word art I found at Hobby Lobby. How perfect is that? I rarely color in the lines ; ). A wall like this might seem intimidating, but it was not really. If anyone's interested, I can pass along how I did it and tips to make it easier.
Couch pillows made from old couch pillow filling and fabric I bought at JoAnn's. I loved the purple so much that I changed the whole color scheme I was going to use for this room.

If you are looking at the couch, this is behind you. Many of you I know in real life are probably so sick of hearing me talk about my dining room furniture. But, really.....look at them:
I love them more than is probably appropriate for owner/furniture relations. I knew I need new dining room furniture (and by furniture I mean I needed to replace my $200 Meijer table set). I knew I wanted something midcentury, at least a table and a side board.Then I met Susan. She owns The Deal, the biggest and best antiques dealer in Louisville-specializing in mid-century antiques. The table was my first purchase. It is small and square, but has leaves that pull out if I need more room. The chairs weren't sold with it, but I thought they looked alot better than the ones that were. She sent me to a friends' shop to get the chairs and that's when I met her. The bar set you see above on the right. I have never ever gasped when furniture shopping, but that's exactly what I did when I saw this piece. I fell heads over heels in love with her. She flips open, rotates, hold a ton of wine and screams 'I am Mad Men cool', lol. Her sister on the right had to come home with me, too. I couldn't split up the set, could I?

The cool light fixture is this one from IKEA.
A close up of the china cabinet. I have never owned a china cabinet, but obviously I had NO trouble filling her up. Alot of my barware are things I collected while travelling, and a big supply of pieces handed down from my grandfather.

The prints over my friend the sideboard are wrapped canvases from Canvas On Demand. I tried them on a Groupon, but their service was excellent. They made these pictures I took in Europe last year look like real works of art. Can't recommend them enough. Can you see the little camera in the bottom left? That was a recent purchase with my cousin Jen at an antiques fair. I totally stole that idea from her!

So, that's that. I'll also take a few pictures of my office and the kitchen, but, ahem, I need to clean them first. Actually, clean them and keep them clean for more than an hour-ha! Thanks so much for sticking around and taking a peek, hope you enjoyed the tour!


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