A Very Un-Ordinary Week In The Life

Anyone else a big HUGE fan of Ali Edwards and her blog?!? I love her, I read her blog alomst every day. She has so many great ideas for simple, yet relevent ways to capture and document her life. She always comes up with these fun projects and invites me to play along-so I do.

A Week In The Life. The idea is to focus on taking pictures, thoughts, and memorabilia from a typical week in your life to document. She invited all her blog readers to follow along at the same time. It just so happens that this year it fell on a not so ordinary week for this girl. It was the week after I moved into my new condo! I was so happy to have the reason and motivation to capture all the little things that made this week so great. And it was a great week-settling in, starting to decorate, adjusting to my new surroundings, meeting neighbors. I think I am going to really like it here.

I am still working on my mini album, but I thought I would share my pictures and a few highlights from the week. I decided to just cary around my beloved Ipod Touch for a camera (the idea of carying my real camera here, there and everywhere was a little too much this year). I processed all my pictures through Instagram and then printed them out at home. So easy and made sure I could print out the pictures ASAP. The album is almost done.....almost.

Check it out:

boxes-lots of unpacking, sorting, unwrapping, throwing away of boxes

Doctors-this was also the week I scheduled some tests I get annually. Very smart,huh?

Cable-I got cable! And Succotash supervised, lol!

Self portraits-I tried to get a few good one, even though I was having the worst hair week ever.

Food-You know I had to capture all the best meals from the week. Oh, pineapple curry, I love you.

Furniture-a few adventures in furniture shopping and assembly

Random Kid-who stepped into my picture at the Farmer's Market is totally going in the book. Look at that face!

Friends-I tried to squeeze in a little friend time, have to remember these pretty faces!

So there you go! Definitely not ordinary, but a great week in my life!

Thanks for stopping by!

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