Florida in Photos (Memorial Day Weekend!)

Hey Ya'll! I just got back from a quick trip to Florida for Memorial Day Weekend. My friend Nathan lives down there and we always have the most fun together! We did lots of hanging out, going to the beach, eating seafood, playing board games, drinking a few fruity cocktails.....and eating more seafood! Seriously, I dream about fresh seafood. There is just nothing like it-yum! We went to this really cool nature reserve called Monkey Jungle-that's where we got to know the gorilla. We also did a bunch of window shopping. I swear, Lake Worth has the best thrift stores, if only I was travelling carry on only, sigh. The third picture from the bottom is Nathan in front of a huge display of Hummel figurines. He kept laughing and screaming 'When Hummels attack!' lol, I guess it's from some movie? I have no idea. He is so silly, but that's one of the reasons I love him!

Anyhoo, lots going on her ein Bazeleyland. I finished my little apartment makeover, I need to post some pictures, it looks so nice! I also just finished a whole batch of graduation cards, with my new favorite stamp set. Oh yeah, and I am moving soon! I have a lot more to share, see you again soon!