Yesterday & Today

Recently my SIL Ann Marie and I took a class over at Big Picture Classes called Yesterday & Today, taught by Ali Edwards. I was looking for a a way to start recording some of my childhood memories, and this gave me the perfect jumping off point. It also came at a time when I was feeling very sentimental, but more on that later. The class included lots of great digi elements, journalling prompts, sketches and layout ideas. The goal of the classwork was to complete a book that showcased pictures from both the past and the present, however, I have decided to slip the present layouts in with my yearly scrapbook and just use this book for documenting childhood or older photos. I have plenty of those stories to tell. I thought I would share a few of the layouts I have finished, hopefully it will give you some ideas for documenting your own stories. (product note: I decided to keep things easy product wise and used the Back 40 kit from Studio Calico. Everything was soft and neutral which really went well with my older photos. I also bought a bunch of extra Basic Grey papers to use as backgrounds) {Cover Photo & A Sassy Hat} Seriously, not to toot my own horn-but how stinkin' cute do I look in that hat sitting on my beloved Sitn'Spin?? Did anyone else have one of those? I used to spin on that thing until I was so dizzy I would fall off-ha! This is the cover page for my book. Includes (from top to bottom: a picture of me weeks after I was born on the frozen Ohio River, me in front of Versailles, a very 80's family photo-hello bowl haircut, and a picture from NYE in New York City). {6 Childhood Momories}

This is my favorite layout, I am totally going to do this again! You just picked 6 random memories, and wrote the stories behind the pictures. I will spare you the long drawn-out details, but left to right: me my brother and sister in very fantastic Halloween costumes, me and my Dad hugging, me, my sister and two of our childhood friends-Cheryl and Lori, me and all my Bazeley cousins, and me wearing a leg cast holding two other leg casts.

OK, maybe I will share this one story, it's pretty funny. For any of you who do not know me personally, I was born with Spina Bifida. I had many orthopedic surgeries growing up. Apparently when I was very young, I had a habit of crawling right out of some of my leg casts. I had no feeling from the knee down, so to me it was no big deal. Hence, why I am wearing one cast, while holding, ahem, two others. My mother thought this was adorable! This is one of several photos like this. She even wanted to use one of them for my senior yearbook! I had to put the no on that one! lol

{Then & Now}

this layout is one that has been stewing in my mind for years-no kidding. The 10 years between 1999 and 2009 were life changing for me in so many ways. I really thought I should document that. Lucky for me, this layout came up in the class, so I was all over it! A few examples of how much my life changed: I moved to Louisville, got my first full-time job, owned three cars, my brother got divorced and remarried, I got a cell phone a laptop and several Ipods. So interesting to look at the changes right there on the paper.

{Facts & Feelings} This was one of those sentimental layouts that perfectly express how I am feeling lately. It details my mother's illness, how quickly it progressed and how I have recovered from it. She passed away when I was in college, but I still think about her every day. Writing this down and preserving this for other's to read was important. I have never really written about it. I probably won't write about it again, but glad I have all these thoughts down.

Thanks for stopping by. This weekend is the kickoff for the KY Derby Festival, but I will be staying planted on my couch. I have the worlds longest stepthroatcoldmysteryillness....I feel like a hot mess. I only have ONE MORE ROOM to finish spring cleaning, but it ain't gonna happen. Unless the cats learn how to clean.......a girl can dream. lol

Have a great weekend!