Free Fun Friday-Ipod Love

Hello there.

I may have shared my love for my IPod Touch. It's a mutual thing, really. I love her and she helps me every day. Yes, she was pricey-but sometimes you have to spend a little money to find true love ; ).

I thought for this edition of Free Fun Friday I thought I would share a few of the apps I have found that have made me happy, and made my life easier. Most of these are free, a few are only a dollar or two. I included links to their websites where available. Enjoy!

this app lets me see all my monetary accounts: retirement, checking, debts-all in one place. It even send me alerts when something changes or is paid. Even when Blockbuster online sends me a new DVD. I will say, this one is a little hard to learn, and a few of my accounts will not sync up. This is a minus, but for the most part, I like it.

{Lose It}
This little gem lets me track what I eat during the day, log my workouts, and keep track of weight loss. It has a pretty extensive food database so I can find things that I eat. Minus-it does not stop me from eating dessert for the fifth time this week, but, no app is perfect. This program is really easy to use, free, and has a corresponding website I can access from my laptop.
Note: this app is not always sideways, lol) I think this one was either free or a dollar, and it is the funniest, most frustrating, curse word inducing time waster. Simple tests are put together in a quick paced format. They appear way easier than they are, and when you mess up-you kind of feel like a moron. hehew
Ah,, how you have made me happy. I have gotten a new haircut & highlights, a pizza from a new restaurant, a 2 hour cleaning service, and a gift code for Amazon. I could go on. It's becoming a problem. The cheapo in me cannot resist a good deal, and suddenly I find myself needing things I didn't even know I wanted. Now, I can access all these great deals (and buy them) right on my lil' hand held friend.

I know this is not a new site, but being able to steam it right from my IPod is so nice. I can listen while crafting, and even when I am having trouble sleeping. It has introduced me to new artists like Sara Bareilles. This is my favorite one of hers.
{Yahtzee Adventure}
Yahtzee, yawn. Right? This version is really fun. It has a whole imaginary world of characters and challenges. I play this game while: standing in line, sitting thru a boring meeting, or waiting for appointments. Really fun game.

A few more worth mentioning (and i may have before)
-Cardstar: if you have a purse full of frequent buyer cards, you need this. So easy and reliable.
- Living Social: see Groupon, it's a problem.
- I Heart Radio. Cincinnati basketball, anyone? I can stream stations from all over the county right here. Love it.
Happy Surfing!