More Digi Tutorials is super-cold here in Bazeleyland. Next weekend I am going skiing, which is the only good reason for snow, IMHO. lol.

Just curious, are any of my lovely blog readers from somewhere sunny and warm? Can I come stay with you-hehe

You may have seen this post I did on how to use digital scrapbook elements in MS Word. If not, you might want to check it out, I have used those techniques many times and it has really been fun to use them in my crafty projects. I don't have Photoshop, and I don't see that in my budget anytime soon, so I enjoy using them in the limited capacity I have available.

Another program I have is called Picasa. If you are not familiar, it is a free, google based photo editing program you can get here. I have been using it for years to organize and edit my photos, and recently started using it to organize digital elements I have. It will work with JPG's, but not with PNG files-it allows me to see most of my digital products, enough to keep me organized.

Anyhoo, have you heard of Persnickety Prints? They are a newish online photo service that I have heard a lot of good buzz about, so I decided to try them to order a bunch of Christmas pictures. Great service, great prices, and great quality. Very impressed with my order. In addition, they have a great blog that has a lot of information about digital scrapbooking. Imagine my surprise when they had a series of posts on how to create digi pages with Picasa! I had no idea you could do this!! I have each post bookmarked so I can read them again and try them out!

I thought I would pass them along. They are well written, include easy to follow videos, and TONS of information-including links to other sources. Awesome!

Did I mention Picasa is free???? Bonus!

Check them out:

Creating a Scrapbook Page in Google Picasa:

Let me know if you have tried this, I would love to see what you did!