Hello? Is Anybody Home?

Hey y'all! I missed you! Has it really been TWO MONTHS since my last post?

So, where have I been? December was VERY busy in Bazeleyland. I have a few posts in mind, but if you will indulge me...

Holidays 2010 in photos:
Family parties were even more fun this year....

with two almost oneandahalf year olds running around. Carson and Connor were so much fun!

Carson in the middle of the chaos. Loving it all!

Here you can catch a glimpse of one of my gifts this year-two baby blankets made with Sesame Street fabric that my mother had bought, probably when my brother (their father) was little.

My sister feeding Connor some fudge!
My birthday dinner with a few girlfriends at BBC.
A really beautiful sculpture display, Kaleidoscope. Look at these cute sock monkeys I found in the gift shop!
Enjoying a few Christmas light displays.
More family parties, with both sides of my family
Two of my closest cousins had babies recently, and they got plenty of 'air time' being passed around.

So, that's whats up with me. Back soon with some crafty goodness!

Later, M.