Big Plans For The Weekend

Hey there bloggy friends!

So, fall has snuck up on me. At first, I was reluctant and shed a few tears for the days of swimming, weekend trips, Big Brother, etc. The first weekend of sub-90 degree weather cured me of all that. For those of you in other states-the end of the summer can be a little, ahem, fresh (read:hot,humid,ugh). Being able to wear PANTS, and wear my hair down without sweating all day made me very happy! Plus-I have BIG plans for the upcoming weekend.
Here's a list:

1.Guess who's turning ONE on Saturday?!?

Carson & Connor

Sigh. I miss them so much!! This weekend the Bazeley clan is going up to Toledo (or Maumee or wherever they live ; ) ) to help C squared celebrate the big 0-1. I have sub goals for the weekend:

a) hug them-alot. Without scaring them or making them cry. That's a hard balance. lol

b) playing on the floor. I hear there's been lots of crawling, getting into things, chasing the dog. I need to be a part of it. Here's hoping this old aunt can still play on the floor.

c) video them with my new camera. I have not done a lot of video, but I want to capture a few clips of these monkeys. And I love my new camera. More on that later.

d) conspire on ways to get one of them in my overnight bag to bring them home with me. (they're small, they would fit right in my overnight bag, right?)

2. Once all that is over, I need to do a few things here on the home front. Namely, reorganize my scrap space. I have a pretty good system, but it is getting a little unruly.

This may or may not be the way it looks right now. Ahem.

3. Redo my manicure with my favorite new polish for fall. Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic. I have worn it all week and have gotten so many compliments on it! I was inspired to track it down by this picture

4. Prepare for a big week right here on the bloggy blog! I am participating in a Hero Arts Blog Swap with my new Flickr friend Nicky. 5 Whole days of new cards, make sure to come back!

5. Buy almond butter, pumpkin bread, and apple cider. I tried almond butter for the first time last weekend, delicioso. And on pumpkin bread (one of my favorite fall treats)....where have you been my whole life

6. Lastly, I am hoping that #2 will allow me to get to all my snazzy Halloween decorations!! See, I realized as I was mourning the loss of summer 2010-it only means I am that much closer to Halloween 2010!! woohoo!!

So, there's my list. What are you up to the weekend?


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