St. Matthews Farmer's Market

A perfect way to spend a Saturday morning includes a visit to to the St. Matthews Farmers Market. A huge parking lot filled with handmade vendors, farmers, and yummy fresh cooked food. A few of my favorite vendors:
Babycakes Cupcakes: homemade cupcakes. tons of icing. 'nuff said.
Cake Flour: an organic, mostly vegan bakery. I had the sweetest, softest peach cherry scone there last weekend.
KY Bison Company: have you ever had a bison burger? So good! Kilamanjaro Foods: the former owners of one of my favorite (now closed) downtown spots decided to bottle all their delicious sauces and sell them. Now if I could perfect their cornbread recipe, I would be golden.
Harmony Fields: they always have the most beautiful arrangement of flower bouquets. Love them
Garlic Guy: There is one smaller booth that sells the biggest most delicious cloves of garlic. Unfortunately I forgot to write down his name, so I will have to look it up and I will add it later. Trust me, this guy is super nice and his garlic is perfect.
There it is! I hope to see you there next Saturday!
Just don't take the big tomato. Or the big chocolate cupcake. Those are mine. So, where do you like to spend a sunny, lazy Saturday morning? Do tell.
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