Free Friday Fun-Online Classes

Oh, the weekend, why do you fly by so quickly??? How is it already Sunday?!? No worries, I had this little list put together and who am I to get stuck on tradition ; ). So here is Free Friday Fun-on Sunday.

A few online classes have come to my attention, and I thought I would pass them along. These are free, low stress lessons packed with information you can use. Two are scrappy related and one has to do with getting a handle on clutter in your daily life. To see more information, click on the title, it will send you right over to their website.

During the class we will be featuring 12 different scrapbook designers and they will be sharing how they tell their stories - each featuring a special layout they have made just for our class! Along with other tips, techniques, giveaways and MORE!

You are invited to a FREE festival packed full of big ideas at Big Picture Scrapbooking this August! Join us for 13 fun-filled days featuring 13 of our talented instructors. Each instructor will share 3 project ideas with you - that's 39 projects, all for free!
We will be showcasing the creative styles of: Stacy Julian, Elizabeth Dillow, and many more!

Have you heard about simplify101’s online workshops and wondered Can I really get organized with an online workshop? or How does it work? If so, we've got good news for you—for a limited time you can try one lesson of our upcoming online workshops–for FREE!
That's right, for one week, you’ll get the ultimate taste test of either
Organizing 101: Learn How to Get Organized or It’s About Time (or both!) Your risk free trial of our online workshop includes:
* One week of full access to the live workshop.
* Access to all of the downloads and lesson materials for the first lesson including lesson PDFs, audio MP3 files, plus any lesson related worksheets or forms.
* Our friendly and supportive online community.
* Full access to the private forum to ask questions about the lesson content.
So, have I inspired you to sign up? Let me know! I will be following along with the BOS nad the Elle's Studio class and I'll be sure to share my projects here on the ole'bloggy blog.
Before I sign off, a little share. And a little thank you to everyone who reads my blog. It really is a lot of fun sharing ideas with you guys, so thanks for reading!
rockin' thanks