Europe Projects (2of3)

Hello again!
After a brief hiatus (wedding planning, lakehouse, work, rearranging, rinse, repeat-that has been my summer) I am back and full of blog posts. Below is a few pictures of the second way I decided to preserve my pictures and keepsakes from my trip to Europe. Like many of you I came back with mucho amounts of photos. While I love them all, the idea of 'scrapping' them all was very unappealing. I did not want to take months making lots of 12x12 layouts which couldn't even contain all these pictures. Ergo, the photo album:
I took a photo album from Pioneer with traditional slots for 4x6 photos and them arranged them by place and topic. I used to stress over keeping a timeline and chronological order, this time I stressed over making sure all the photos fit into each category (some pictures were landscape versus portrait orientation, and that made it a little tricky to fit them, into to the pages). Then I took bits of leftover papers from OA's Road Map line, some stickers my SIL gave me, and paper pieces I collected along the way (maps, tickets, etc.). Note: I LOVE those red and blue stickers with the names of different sites on them. My SIL gave them to me, and I forgot to write down the manufacturer so I could find some for Paris.oops. I'll explain how I solved that problem below.
I love how these pages spotlight the photos and I was able to add words or thoughts as I wanted.

See that Versailles label? I created that in MS Word, then printed them out on photo paper. They aren't quite as nice as the stickers, but they helped me keep the book together visually. The train in the black symbol is from this dingbat. I put it together in my Silhouette software and cut out a bunch. I used them alot in the mini book I talked about there.

Above is the caveat of this system. Since I had so many pictures orientated one way or another, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get them all in the book the correct way (trust me, I tried). In the end, I did the best I could, and decided to not look at this page too long-ha!
Another thing I love about the way this book turned out id the white border around each photo. I do this alot when ordering pictures from Shutterfly, mostly because then the actual picture is a bit smaller than 4x6. Then when I cut them up for scrapbooking, I can fit a few more on a page. In this project I think it added a little polish. Really helps the photo stand out.
Next up, the last Europe project (in case you are not too bored of looking at them!). This was a fun way of remembering the trip, a media I have not visited in years.
Stay tuned!
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