Easter Weekend

Here in Louisville was BEAUTIFUL (as promised), and I made the most of it.

Easter Sunday I spent with my friend Lisa who was nice enough to invite me to celebrate with her family (who I love). She brought me to her church St. Mark's, which is an Episcopal. I have never been to an Easter service at another denomination, and it was a real treat. True, Episcopal is very similar to Catholic, so it was not too different, but really nice. We even got to see a baby get baptized! This picture is of her son, Sam and his Uncle Kurt. They are very close and I love that I could get this nice for them. Don't they look handsome all dressed up?

I did spend a little time with my family in Cincy, on Friday. My sister's family came in form Springfield and we all hung out for the afternoon. My dad is recovering from some big time back surgery, so it was pretty low key, but that's nice every once in a while. I didn't get a ton of pictures, but I did manage a few very important ones:

This one is my favorite. My sis is so good about taking pictures of all of us and she takes awesome pictures of her kids. However, she would not let me turn the camera on her and get a few with her in them. hehe. I snuck this one and I love it. Not only does it show her love for photography, it shows the great relationship with her kids. They love her so much and she is so great with them. They have the kind of fun, loving relationship I can't wait to have with my kids.

She has a great eye. Look at these she snapped of me with my nieces and nephews:

This is what I am doing today.

I have been waiting and waiting to buy a few stamp sets from Papertry Ink. Love them.Also, call me a sucker for marketing, I have bought a few new Copic Markers. They are alot like the art markers I used for sketching in college. They are easy to blend, have great colors, and a nice clear consistency. They are also....$4 a pop. Therefore, I have limited myself to replacing colors I don't have and buying them on sale when I can. But I love them. I have been playing with my new stuff and putting together some cards. If I like them, I may show them to you ;).

Lastly, I am trying to forget I ever heard about Gigi's Cupcakes. It's a cupcake cafe situated right by my local Michael's (again, good marketing). And they are to Die for. And, if I buy them planning to share them with friends I will not. I will eat them. And not feel too bad about it.lol.

So, that's all. What are you up to?