I Like Smiling, Smiling's My Favorite

Brrr.....It's getting pretty cold around here.

Are you done Christmas shopping yet? Ahem. Me neither.....

I have a very fun weekend celebrating the b-day and working on my long Christmas to-do list. To get me thru, I watched a few of my favorite Christmas programs. Thought it would be fun to share my favorites and hear what you like to watch each year. Leave me a comment so I can expand my collection:

1. Elf. A Classic with Will Ferrell. So many quotable lines:
"I like smiling, smiling's my favorite."
"Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color!" - said while answering his father's office phone

2. A Very Muppet Christmas. Seriously I have to watch this every year, yet no one I know has even seen it once. Whoopi Goldberg plays God, David Arquette plays an angel named Danny-El, and Pepe the Shrimp begins a sordid affair with Joan Cusak.

Do yourself a favor, watch it tonight. So Funny!

3. A Charlie Brown Christmas. I remember watching this every year as a kid, I know I am not the only one. Actually more than one person commented that this year it was pre-empted by the president. Shows you that even now, it speaks to people.

(No to mention that every time I put up my sad little tree, I think Charlie would love him, so should I. ha.)

4. Home Alone. Back when Macauley Caulkin was cute and innocent. Seriously I laugh my butt off every time I watch it. Those robbers are so gullible!

(Google images. Sorry, couldn't find a good clip on YouTube)
5. SNL Christmas Special. This is a compilation DVD that features two of my favorite Saturday Night Live actors ever- Cheri O'Teri and Chris Farley. Farley plays a 'motivational Santa' who lives 'At the North Pole in a van, down by the river!".


OK, there's my must watch list, but there are a few more I am sneaking in this year: How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Rudolph.

What's in your DVD player this time of year? Do tell.