Have Yourself a Crafty Little Christmas

One of the BEST parts of Christmas are all the fun ideas out there for crafting. I love making most of my gifts, and I hope that the people who receive them enjoying getting them. I thought I would share a few fun crafty ideas out there for you to try.

Now, I know what you are going to say-I am way to busy this time of year, I don't scrapbook, when would I have time to learn how to do this stuff?? Never fear. Most of these ideas take little or no craft knowledge, and the ones that do-you can take a little time to learn! Not only that, but you can adapt alot of these ideas to include your kids, make them bigger or smaller, or just do one tiny part.

I am a big believer in the 'no-pressure' approach to the holidays. People waste way too much time stressing over what they 'should do'. I do what I want for the holidays, and I enjoy the process. My presents aren't perfect or expensive, I don't get to every activity I want. Whatever I do is ok with me.

Check them out. Let me know if you do any of them!

{12 Tags of Christmas}
Tim Holtz is a well known paper crafter and every year he comes up with 12 AMAZING tag designs and shares them on his blog. Each little tag starts with a standard manila office tag and finishs as a mini piece of art. Leave a comment on his blog and he picks 12 winners everyday. He has a cool, grungy style. Trust me, you will enjoy watching him build his tag collection.

* Warning: the tags are pretty advanced and labor intensive. They are way more involved than any tags I ever make. I look at the tags, pick up a new technique or two, then make my own creation.
* Make take his series and do your own 12 tags. Challenge yourself to make 12 custom gift tags for your presents this year. Make each a little different, but use the same products.
* Use his ideas and make some New Years cards (wouldn't it be fun to give your friends ONE MORE card to open after Christmas?

Ali Edwards is another well known paper artist who came up with a really clever idea a few years ago. She makes a journal with bits and pieces of her everyday life throughout the month of December. She makes her scrapbook ahead of time, then fills it in everyday. She mixes pages that are just a photo, with pages that are just journalling, to pages with both. She emphasizes making it simple so you enjoy the process of documenting your life during the holiday season.

Ali Edwards Blog

Eva runs an etsy shop called Evalicious and she does something similar. She sells a kit with all the pages you need here.

* The real lesson behind these beautiful projects is to DOCUMENT your family life during the holidays. You could just buy a pretty journal and let each of your kids write in it each night. You could write in a journal and paste in a picture or two. You could take a picture a day of everyday stuff, then print them and put them in their own special album. There are lots way to accomplish the same goal. Don't stress about making the perfect scrapbook or making a big production out of this, just do it the way you think will be fun and easy.
* Get your family involved in this. Let your kids takes pictures, collect bits and pieces of wrapping paper, and write in the journal.
* Include memories about when you were a kid. For example, I plan to do a page this year about my favorite ornaments that I own now from when I was a kid.

See more examples

This is something I do every year, and I use the ornaments to decorate my gifts. I love it. Torrie and I spend an afternoon as an ornament factory in my apartment. Most of the creations are funny, last years was more traditional.

If you need ideas for ornaments,

go here
Ideas range from elaborate to simple, photos, yarn, glitter, foam, or paint. So many oprtions and you can make as many or as few as you want!

We have all heard about those paint your own pottery places, and, yes, they may seem like cheesy-wedding-gifts-stuff-you-make-your-grandma.....but I disagree. What if this year you and your BF (boyfriend) went and made a plate together and hten you used it to serve dessert during the holidays? Or you take your kids and stamp their handprint onto a platter that you use and show your family? Or you make a slightly innappropriate coffee mug for your BFF (best friend forever)? Or you make something to give at the family white elephant gift exchange (ceramic leg lamp anyone?). The point is, think outside of the box.
a href="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEgdWWrrSI6Be8UzWp5OY4IXSy0h0n_Y4shG8htFWHqJL55UYHtaCxKUuAPWnWbd1Ym23MFpPr4FXltwjWpDNWxyGR16NB8aQGooN_Op3pVhU_45lEolR8vYfB0g-QXDR4aEdtlpYy8UG4w/s1600-h/MRTMUG.jpg">

These places can be a great activity and a way to knock out a gift on your list. There are two places in Louisville, I am sure you can find one in your area:

The Artist In You
The Paint Spot

Well, there you go. Just a few ideas I hope will inspire you to add a new tradition to your holidays. Or not. No pressure ;)