As Cool As The Other Side Of The Pillow.

August was a FUN month, September has snuck up on me. I few randoms chez Michelle:


By far the most fun holiday, and people around here are already talking about it. I am busy planning my costume, scheming a few fun decorations, creating Halloween cards for a few special people,and making my party plans. Scrapbbok products like these are putting me in a crafty mood:


My sis-in-law is in the home stretch. By the beginning of next month the twins will be here! Need to get on the baby shopping..

Afer a busy summer, I finally have time for some scrapping mojo. I have a lot of projects done, and a few more in the works. Enjoy:

If you are looking for a little kick in the butt,prize induced motivation, considering joining LOAD. Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day Challenge. I was lucky enough to win a spot in her March group, and had so much fun participating, even if I fell short of the goal. Lain's blog is a hoot and she is great hostess!

One last thing (for now). I have been reading about a sweet girl named Kate McRae, who is fighting a brain tumor. Some of my bloggy friends have started a card drive for her and her siblings. You can find details here. They are collectign cards until October to send to the family, and last weekend me and the kids at OWL decided to draft up a few:

Please consider making a card or two. Who doesnt like mail, right? And if this family ever needed a pick me up, it's now.

Happy Wednesday!