Ducky Family Fun

There are many reasons I love being from a big family. Growing up we would celebrate any occasion, really just an excuse for us all to hang out together. Now that we are older, we don't get the chance to see each other, but when we out. So, when my aunts found out that Dave and Beth were expecting TWINS the ideas started rolling. It was my pleasure to organize our gathering, but really, the fun was brought by so many people.

Dave is my baby brother and when he married Beth, she fit into our family like she was a sister I had all along. She is so funny and warm, and they are going to be FABULOUS parents. Equally excited is Grandpa Bazeley (my dad) and Cousins in waiting Tom and Suzie.

An important part of any good Bazeley shower are the games, usually thought up by my aunts. This time we had betting, squirt guns, Skyline Chili, and Stewie Griffin.

We started with a game where each person had an ice cube with a baby frozen in it. The first person to unfreeze their baby yells 'My water broke!' There was a little cheating, and Dave tried to put his baby in the microwave (thank goodness for parenting class), but in the end Dominica broker her water first (tee hee).

Then Dave and Beth had to compete to see who could diaper their baby first. As Dave is family, of course we decided to 'doctor' his diaper with a few extras. AS if that wasn't bad enough, he took his eye off the baby for one second, and wouldn't you know-that boy baby sprayed him! You can't take your eyes off of them for a second! HA!

We had a Split the Potty table, where bets could be placed as to when Beth would deliver. Tom and Suze were working very hard in helping people make good guesses. I tried to get advice from anyone I thought could help me. Especially My Aunt Janie, who used to be a baby nurse. Oh yeah. She and I picked just about the same days, so I feel pretty good about my odds.

Guess the diaper was a game just for Dave. A series of questionable diapers were laid out and he was supposed to guess what was in each one. Um..gross. The funniest thing I have ever seen is my brother sniffing a diaper full of goetta!! haha

A really fun party, and a reminder how lucky we are to have a family who still enjoys getting together. Thanks for looking at the pictures!