Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Obsessions

<* First I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has been leaving comments on my projects. It is so nice to read all the encouragement and ideas you guys are sharing! And, I have 5 FOLLOWERS!! Hi Friends! I love the blog world! *

Summer heat makes me want to stay inside and indulge in a few of my current summer obsessions (after a dip in the pool!). Enjoy:

A GREAT time killer and a huge source of inspiration. A couple of goodies:

Hero Arts
They are debuting a new web site this week. Stamping, cardmaking, color fun.


They call themselves an inspiration collective from some of the former staff of Simple Scrapbooks. What they don't tell you is not only do they support scrappers, but also wanna be scrappers, and anyone who loves photography and preserving memories-however they choose to do so.


Sigh, I need a vacation. Like yesterday. A girl can dream, right? Don't feel too bad, just bought 4 tickets here and totally excited to plan a weekend!

aka reason # 345 I am not a size 6 =). Last week I had one of these and I enjoyed every bite and thank god I can't buy them at the store
a href="">

This has ruled my life for the past two months. I am searching for the perfect this:


I know, trashy, but I love it. Please don't call me Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday night....just kidding. BigBrotherOnline

There's a few-more soon. Have a great week!

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Grandma - Bear said...

Iwould luv to have U as a follower on my blog @ I put a chat box on it. Right now it's 105F & I camped out in my bdrm. I pull up my w/c to my room a/c so I can breathe. My asthma is really bad. It ticks me off since I can't type on my blog since the l.rm is too hot. I also tripped 2 wks ago getting out my w/c coming in the house, so my back been in muscle spasms
The web is my connection to the o/side. My e-friends save my sanity!!It's been too hot to work in my craft rm,so I can't make my cards. i'm coloring botanical flowers w/ my Prism c/pencils in front of the a/c to save my sanity.