Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Using My Stash for the Common Good

Like many scrappers out there I have WAY too much stuff! My living room closet is overflowing so when I needed a graduation present, a shower present, and a fathers day card I told myself to use what I had before shopping for more supplies.

The first project is a 'Freshman Journal' for a friend of mine who will be going away to college this fall. I hope she will enjoy filling this mini book with lots of special first year memories. (in interest of full disclosure, the paper and journalling spots came from prize package I won from this blog. WOO HOO):

Thanks for looking, more soon!

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Grandma - Bear said...

Yea! another diabled papercrafter. I've had post polio for 23 yrs
I luv for U to check out my blog,my title is grandmabear. I clicked U as a follower. I have been active in h/c issues when younger
I just did my 1st 2 challenges in April using my stash& not going to the store for 5 wks in April .DH got his salary cut by HP 15% for April. 5% still in effect.
I hope we can be e-friends & network on h/c issues,cheer each other on, share tips etc on papercrafts. Card making is my sanity valve.