Summer Sad

I was going to start a line of posts about summer obsessions, summer plans, etc...but I have to pause today and make a little post about someone who was a big time part of my childhood.

As many of you know now Michael Jackson died earlier today from a heart attack. Quite a shock and very unexpected. I know people have mixed feeling about his personal life but today I choose to remember something nice. Many memories are linked to Michael Jackson songs.

When I think of MJ, I think of:

- my friend Leah
- 'Thriller' at the drive in
- sparkly white gloves and boys trying to do the moon walk
- 'Billie Jean', one of my FAVORITE songs as a kid.

He was one of a kind, not easily duplicated, and inspired so much of the music you hear now.
Thriller Pictures, Images and Photos

My favorite:

And a really good remake featuring John Mayer (my friend Leah will be outraged I am including this =), love that girl)
BEAT IT-Fall Out Boy ft. John Mayer

What was your favorite MJ song? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me...