We will now return to our regularly scheduled...schedule.

Well, it's back to work. Derby Week was great with an even better weekend! Did you pick Mine The Bird? If so, can you please join me next year at my Derby party (and will you buy me a lottery ticket?). I did manage to pick the number 2 horse, Pioneer of the Nile, and earned a whopping $20 on my bet, so it was not a total loss. Where to spend all my winnings......

Now I know as much as anyone that Derby is REALLY about the two weeks of fun before the big race, and I made the best of it as usual. Thursday night was the Pegasus Parade, which my friend Amy and I have seen every year for the past 5-6 years. It threatened to rain all day, but we were not detoured. We went with a positive attitude, ponchos and umbrellas, and a ban on using the 'R' word. It didn't rain until the end, but boy was it windy! The spectators on the other side of hte street definitely got a close up eyeful of a few of the balloons! Take a look of my view from the safer side....

Friday night I hopped a rental car to see my peeps in Springfield. Suzie Green was making her first communion, and sh did a WONDERFUL job! I was so teary eyed watching her stand on the altar and look so grown up and she took part in a ritual that her mother, my mother, and I all did at her age. She is growing up so fast. After church we hung out at Karen's house for drinks and a delicious buffet! I was able to sneak a little Derby fun in thanks to some very strong Mint Julep mix and the big race on a big screen. My dad, my sister's sister in law's boyfriend Jeff and I spent a good hour on the couch talking horses and Derby. So fun! Later that night we lit a fire int he fire pit and I got to chat with a bunch of their Springfield friends.

Such a great weekend, every time I go there I wish we lived closer so we could have more weekends hanging out like this:

Well, back to work. I have lots of fun from the past two weeks to clean up and put away!

Happy Monday!