It's Just Like Derby, But...

* There's no betting (at least that I could find)
* The horses are louder
* The jockeys are taller

This weekend I was so lucky to get another invite to the Indy500 with my friend Jill. We were hosted by two organization that you should check out:

UMP: a urological supply company that sells here in KY. These guys are AWESOME and made us feel so welcome, so if you are looking for a new provider, check them out

Sam Schmidt Foundation: a charitable group founded by a former race car driver and current owner. Sam had a car in the Indy this year, a bright pink # driven by Alex Lloyd. I feel honored to know Sam. He has these two big companies, he does a ton of community service and outreach, and he is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. His staff includes two of my favorite people: Ida Cahill and Cindy Norton. Love it when I get to see them.

It was a day of:

* Summer Wheats
* Cheering
* Car crashes
* Lots of Laughs
* Fun People

and of course, just like Derby:

Gotta love the infield!