I have been away from the blog all month, and I have a lot if things that I want to share, so today I will make up for lost time with 2 posts! You will be sick of me by tomorrow, I know =)
10 Things I Love Right Now:
(title taken from one of my favorite bloggers Elsie Flanningan)

1. Jelly Bean Joint. Mollie is a super cute crafter I met this weekend at THE FUNDRAISER, and there are so many reasons why I love her. She has a great blog, a fantastic Etsy shop, and she is my very first follower!!! Out of curiosity I added the Followers widget to the left to see who was reading my little blog, and she was the very first one to sign up!!! Thanks Mollie!

2. Grahamdini. One of the kids I work with has been posting his videos on YouTube. He is a budding magician, and his videos are so great. Prepare to be amazed.

3. Studio Calico. Doing some research for THE FUNDRAISER, I found out that there is a scrapbooking kit club right here in Kentucky! I am so in love with their blog, I want to drive down to Bowling Green and hang out with them!

4. Big Brother 11 is coming soon! One of only 2 reality shows I really watch, I am shamelessly addicted. In the words of Miranda Hobbs ‘don’t judge me, it’s me thing’. Do yourself a favor and watch it. And thank your lucky stars you are NOT one of these people.

5. Indy 500. I am so there! I was going, then not going, now I am going!!! Jill and I had so much fun last year, I can’t wait!

6. Sesame Noodle Salad. I am addicted to this. I eat it alone or with fish. YUM!

7. LOAD. I am playing along with Lain Ehmann’s Layout-A-Day-Challenge. Even with all I have had going on this month, it has been kind of relaxing working on little bits every day. Here is my entry for today, a finished layout from a class I took at CKC in March.

8. Audiobooks. I stumbled upon Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the library and thought it might be fun to listen to while working out. WOW. The guy that reads them is so engaging, I couldn’t stop! I had it on while cleaning, driving, whenever I was near a speaker. I am now making my way through the whole series.

9.Free Download ideas. I have found soooo many great ideas on the web lately. I love finding freebies I can replicate at home. Like these gift boxes.
10. Ice Cream. The sunny, warm days have turned by mind to one of my favorite things about summer: ICE CREAM! Tommorow I am goinng to have more of these

That's all for now, happy clicking! Be back soon with news of last weekend-it was *SCRAPTACULAR*