It is the happiest place on earth.

Back from Disney!

We had a great week! We rode rides, we ate, we saw shows, we stood in line with the kiddos to get our pictures with many of our favorites. I wasn't sure what to expect when I went, but I heard it would be an awesome experience. It definitely did not disappoint. For someone like me who has an interest in art, costuming, and creative genius there was no shortage of eye candy. So much to see and take in it's hard to tell you what was my favorite. Here's a couple of highlights/recommendations:

- Everest and Rockin' Roller Coaster. Both EXCELLENT attractions. Ride int he front car.
- Finding Nemo stage show in Animal Kingdom. Amazing puppets and costumes.
- Magic Kingdom fireworks. So good we watched them twice.
- Narchoose's. Steak restaurant in the Grand Floridian. Get the Lobster-trust me.
- Splash Mountain. (easy one, right?) Just wait and ride in the middle of the afternoon when it is good and hot. BRRRR!

This particular photo was the product of ,much searching and standing in line TWICE. The photographer even says 'Oh, you are back!' I don't care, totally worth it. This is my Suzie's favorite princess, so of course I had to seek her out:

Finally, a few things I learned from my first trip to the Happiest Place on Earth:
- pack lots of water and snacks. Food there is mucho expensive.
- Going ot Disney is NOT a relaxing trip. I am pretty sure I now need a manicure, a massage and another vacation.
- There are people in the world happier than me. I actually saw employees there jumping rope. And I met someone who moved all the way from Minnesota to work there. And he ran the Everest ride.
- snacks are better when mouse shaped and dipped in chocolate.
- I really can't wait to go back!