A Call to Action

The KY State government is in session and that means many new bills are being debated and voted on. Every year I receive countless emails from friends and colleagues about bills that they want me to know about. When you feel as passionate about politics as many of my friends, you want to educate everyone you know about what is going on. Usually these emails end with a way to contact my senator and they them to vote yes or no. If it is something I agree with I have no problem expressing my opinion. However, I don't usually send out emails or try to get people to vote on issues. Politics can be a sensitive issue and I am not always comfortable.

This is different. Two bills are currently in the legislature that are so important to the well being of our community, to the future of the people of this stae, I just can't ignore them. So, indulge me my soapbox and educate yourself. And please consider contacting your local legislators.

Kentucky State Senator Gary Tapp (R), from Shelbyville, KY, introduced Senate Bill 68 (SB 68) which states "prohibit the approval of foster care, relative caregiver services, or adoption of a child by an applicant who is cohabiting with a sexual partner outside of a marriage that is legally valid in Kentucky"... in short, since Kentucky has passed a ban on same-sex marriage... this would prevent same-sex couples in the state from adopting.

{Kentucky HB 72}
Summary: This bill would extend existing anti-discrimination laws to apply to discrimination motivated by sexual orientation and gender identity.

Status: This bill was introduced January 6, 2009 and assigned to the House Judiciary Committee.

(My personal opinion is that HB 68 is the total opposite if what we need in this state. Why on earth would you limit the number of safe, loving, stables homes willing to open their doors to children who need them? Do people seriously think that a child is better served by growing up in a children's home or in foster care then in a loving, committed homosexual household? What are they afraid of? There was case I am vaguely familiar with in Lexington where a gay couple paid for a surrogate to have a baby for them. The child was growing up in their father's home, until one day 'someone' reported them and the local court forced them to give full custody of the child to the surrogate mother. Ridiculous. House Bill 72 should have been passed a LONG time ago. It's not special rights, just equal rights. Sad to think in this enlightened age that there can still be widespread discrimination over something so trivial, but 50 years ago people didn't think twice about limiting the rights of black people. Something to think about. Lastly, I have to say that when I think about the issue of gay rights, I have to wonder where is the root of the problem? What is the big deal with letting people get married or adopt a baby? I know it is a religious issue for some and many people believe that it shouldn't happen. Fine. If that is how you live your life and how your family lives, good for you. That is your right. Is it really necessary to legislate that other people live that way as well? Maybe we can live and let live instead and stop wasting time (and tax dollars) taking away people's rights. That's resources better spent improving our community instead.)

So, there's my two cents. Something to think about. Thank you for reading and keeping an open mind. If you want to contact your local senator, here how:

You can find your State Senator by going to lrc.ky.gov


call 1-888-VOTE SMART (1-888-868-3762) or log on to www.vote-smart.org and enter your home zip code (5 digits followed by -0000) in upper left-hand corner. Once your information page appears, scroll down under "Current Officials" to "State Legislative" to find your Senator. Click on his/her name and contact information including email will appear.