Snow, where are you??

I can't believe I am saying this, but I am actually anxious for a little snow. I need a snow day, I am not sure why. Maybe because my mind is on skiing at Mad River Mountain in a few weeks (yeah!) ...

Been busy busy around here.

I want to tell you about the MOST amazing bath products that I stumbled upon recently, in a gift bag. I am kind of a snob when it comes to bath product. I have dry, sensitive skin, and so most products dry me out. Also, I am very pick about scents. I really can't stand the way some flowery or super fruity bath products smell. But, I LOVE a good bubble bath. I was skeptical when I got a gift basket recently with bath products in it. But I gave them a try.

Oh man, it was the best bath of my whole life!!

a line of products that are handmade, you can get them on their website or at a counter they have at Macy's in Oxmoor Center.

The hand lotion, called Smitten, small like coconut almond wonderful and makes even my terribly dry hands super smooth.

The vanilla bath bomb made my whole bathroom smell wonderful and my skin felt like you will

One last thing. I am a big fan of good customer service. I try to treat srvicepeople with good will and politeness and I expect the same in return. The bottle of Smitten that came in my set had a broken pump. I took it to Macy's to see if by any chance they could replace it. I wasn't that irritated by it, but figured I would ask. The woman there was so sweet and apologetic. She was not able to replace (that size is not available anymore), but, for my trouble, she gave me a whole bag of bath samples (YEAH! MORE BUBBLE BATHS!) While there I didn't purchase anything else, but I will be back. It has tons of great products and every thing is handmade and natural.

Go but it-now! Than dust off the old rubber ducky =)

About three months ago I paid $62 for a single ticket for a show that everyone I know has called amazing. Saturday was the day. I had my ticket, I had my friends, and I was dressed to the nines (however, I had to amend my wardrobe due to the flight of stairs I had to climb to get to my seats).

Wicked did not disappoint. So good!!! Amazing costuming, choreography, and special effects, to name a few of the high points.

Go see it-now.

Pretty Wicked Ladies

Yes, we were in the VERY back row. But at least we were in the center. =)

Before the show