Happy Belated Birthday!

To my Dad!

With all the craziness of the ice storm, I forgot to post this yesterday. Happy Birthday Tom Bazeley!

So, Louisville has been covered for the week by about 4 inches of snow and an inch of ice. Many of my friends lost power, but luckily I escaped that problem. I have been stuck in my apartment and the effects of boredom are slowly sneaking in. Take a look at this:

You know you are bored when you start dressing up your cats =)

Beavis is modeling a new scarf I finished while in exile. It's the crochet version of a chevron pattern. I used some yarn I had left over from a blanket and searched the Internet to find a pattern. I am terrible at reading complicated patterns, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this one so easy to adapt for my own needs. Here it is:

-First you want to plan a few details: How wide you want your scarf, how many V's you want across and how long you want each side of the 'V' to be. My scarf is about 9" wide, has 2 1/2 'V's', and each side of each V is 5 stitches.

- I chain stitched 30 stitches, I realize that math is not exactly right, but follow along:

- DC 5, *then DC3 in the same stitch, DC 5. That makes the up part of the first V.

- skip 2 stitches, then DC 5* . By skipping 2 stitches, you create the under side of the V.

- repeat instructions between the * all the way across. Then turn and repeat exactly until you get the desired length.

I have also been amusing myself with LOTS of craftiness, especially of the pink and red variety. I have a few people in my life who will get valentines, and this week I found tons of inspiration on the web. Here's a few you should check out:

Celeste Smith- she has a GREAT blog for inspiration. She finds great projects. Check this one out.


Martha-you want to hate her, but you don't. You know she has great ideas!

I am making these for some kids I know:


This one I am going to alter for some of my peeps in Illinois:


And, do you have a bunch of leftover, broken crayons lying around?