Is this appropriate for a 32-year old to wear?

Merry Christmas!

Hope you are having a great holiday. This is the best time of year for many reasons, for me it includes almost all of my very large extended family. It is rare that a family as large as mine gets together and after all these years we actually LIKE getting together. However, to accomplish such a feat and accomodate schedules, it is necessary to spread out the holiday a little. Hence, I have arrived at the Tom Bazeley hotel for round two of holiday festivities. Luckily, they have wireless so I can spend some time here.

So far, my holiday has involved:

- Breakfast Bunco (WAY more fun than it sounds, I promise!)

- Light Up Louisville

- Ornament Making with Torrie (not totally successful-but they turned out pretty cute!)

- A Fun Filled Birthday Weekend, spent:
*at my happy place (aka Joseph's Salon and Spa)*

*watching Xavier beat UC with one set of friends

*out for a rare late night with another set of friends. I can't remember the last time I saw 1 a.m. in a bar!

And the answer to the aformentioned question is .....yes, if it's her birthday