Say hello to my little friend

Artsy, no?

That's me using my newly fixed camera to take a picture of my new laptop with a picture of me using my newly fixed camera on it.

The past month was not a good one for me, technology wise. I broke my camera, my laptop died, and don't even ask me about my Blackberry and it's loser battery. One of my clients told me my Mercuiry was in retrograde, and that explains all of this. However, it was not all bad. I spent two weeks with a camera lent to me by my wonderful freind Lisa. I heart her camera and I started telling everyone it was mine. It is sooo much nicer than mine!

Now, I have a new computer, but my TMobile wireless card is not compatible, and I do not have access to another wireless service, so I cannot get on the internet at home. Kind of annoying. TMobile does not sell the newer version of a wireless card that I need, so it looks like for a the next few months I will be unplugged. Might be good for me, I waste WAY too mych time 'doing research' online. Maybe I will read a book or two?