Little Snippets of Fun!

I have been having blog withdraw,so here is an extraneous list of things I am really into right now:

Hard Apple Cider. Now there's a beer I can get behind...or under the table with.

Green Tea with honey. Hot. I think I have had this twice a day for the past two weeks.

Crocheting. I have been working like a mad woman to finish a Christmas present. Seriously, I am going to have srthitis one day.

Exercise. Or, more precisely, my lack of exercise lately. Been a looong time since I have seen the inside of the gym. I am really trying to work on this, but cold gray weather does not make me want to get out there and sweat. It makes me want to nap. Alot.

Chili. In all forms, flavors, and versions. I made up a new chili recipe that is delicious and I might make it again this weekend. Involves beans and Skyline chili, over spaghetti with lots of cheese (just as God intended it).

A Book For My People

And by 'my people' I mean others in my circle who know what cropadiling is or what a die cut machine does. My friends who have a stack of patterned paper that measures in the inches. This is the book for you. Lain Ehnmann is an editor for Simple Scrapbooks magazine, and while I can't honestly say she counts me as a friend we have emailed back and forth a few times, and I am hoping to one day be her friend (some might say stalker, I prefer friend =))

She has written a book called 'Snippets', a collection of it's funny because it's true scrapbooking essays. This week she is taking over the blogsphere for a book blitz. And this is me jumping on her bandwagon. Take a look at the following and you will see why:

#1 look at this sneak peek and see why I htink Lain is so darn funny: Sample Snippet

#2 go to Lain's website: ScrapHappy

#3 go to Simple Scrapbook's website for a virtual release party: Simple Scrapbooks

#4 If you don't win a free copy there, go here to preorder your own!

Have a great weekend!