Voting Time

I hope you are registered to vote. If you are not, shame on you. I know a lot of people who are cynical and like to criticize government and concede that their vote really doesn't mean anything, but I don't buy that. I firmly believe to have an educated, valid opinion you have to participate.

That means not only voting, but also trying to see things from both sides and making your own opinions, not just what one party or one church or one website tells you.

So there is my lecture for the day. Here are three election related items I have come across:

1. V3 Campaign. A website that gives a voice to the non profit sector and challenges each candidate to a dialogue about the future. We wsnt to know how each party is going to support the non profit sector and help the important work we do. There is a place there to sign a petition asking spific questions to each candidate.

If you work for a non profit (or support a non-prof), take a few minutes and add your two cents.

2. Billed as a bipartisan, totally unbiased collection of facts about each candidate. Haven't had time to check out the site yet, but I am going to. Try it, you might learn something

3. I know this has been seen all over the internet, but it is the funny *&%) thing I have seen in a LONG time.

All the Mavericks in the house, you know what to do:

Palin Rap