I may have developed a new career path.

Two weeks and counting until my friends Marianne and Josh finally make it legal. We are getting really excited and last week a group of us got together to make favors. No alcohol involved as we tried to super concentrate and produce the perfect fleur de lis etching on about 100 glass flutes. Easy, right. Not so much.

We did our best and the glasses were finished (almost) perfectly. We have kind of a sweat shop/assembly line thing going. Marianne did her best to keep things moving along at a fun pace, we may have laughed more than we worked!

Heeeeeeeey! It was also Darnell's birthday!

Last weekend was the Spina Bifida Ghost Bowl. I debuted my costume, that I called "Sushi Love'. I was trying to translate my love for raw fish and rice into art form.......ummmm...

Not successful as I would have like, but I think it turned out kind of cute: