The good, the bad, and the scary

Last weekend I ventured out to my first haunted house of the season. I love the smell of fake blood in the moonlight.....With me was fellow horror lover, my friend Chris. This is an annual event for us. The past three years we have completed the Danger Run here in Louisville. A really fun event that combines a scavenger hunt with two local attractions that you have to find by solving clues in your car. Pretty much guaranteed you will get turned around, lost, and curse at some point in the evening. Or, if you are me, you are guaranteed to get car sick. So pathetic for a woman my age, but I digress. The first year was awesome and worth all the effort, but the past two years I have been highly disappointed and will not be participating again.

You see, as a wheelchair user, I know that most haunted houses will have some part that is not accessible. Stairs, tight corners, all part of the set up. My experiences have been positive because I was able to enjoy most of the attraction, and for the most part, the staff there were always super helpful and did their est to give me a good experience, which I appreciate. However, the past two years, the coordinators of the Danger Run have chosen attraction that were COMPLETELY inaccessible. Like, can't even get thru the front door. TO me, totally pointless and a huge waste or my time and money. Last year I was unprepared for this and was really disappointed when we made it all the way to the end and I couldn't go thru. Chris was mad because he had to go thru the house alone, and he is a scaredy cat. =)

This year I called the Danger Run office and was warned that the second attraction would 'probably' not be accessible to me. However, he said, he was not sure. So, I headed out with high hopes I could work something out and still enjoy a fun night. No such luck. We arrived at the Industrial Nightmare and totally denied access. Now, this is one of the biggest, most successful haunted attraction in the country. They are built in a warehouse, so tell me why you can't do something to accommodate a wheelchair? I had visited Industrial Nightmare in the past and had no problems. So, why should this year be different......Unexplainable.
On a positive note: Psychomania (the 1st stop on our mission) was AWESOME! It is built in an abandoned theatre in Southern Indiana. It is so well done, completely wheelchair accessible (read:DID NOT MISS ANYTHING), of was SO FREAKIN' SCARY!!! GO THIS WEEKEND!

Two brave zombie lovers


The entrance to the Industrial Nightmare. Ironically the sign says 'Entrance Handicapped' and is preceded by a long ramp to the door. Which is useless because you can't get inside.

If you are looking for a good, kid friendly haunt in the Louisville area Thursday night at Douglass Community Center (2305 Douglass Blvd) is having one. Sponsored by the Metro Parks Adapted Leisure Program. And, totally wheelchair accessible.

See you there! (Unless you're too chicken)