No Boys or Ants Allowed

Fall is officially front and center and there has been alot going on here in the 'Ville.

Last week, the Ryder Cup was in town and my friend Jill called to see if I wanted to join her at a practice. I know less than nothing about golf, but I am always up for a little fun. So off I went. So glad I did. Met the Director of the PGA Foundation, Ernie Ellison. Really nice guy and went out of his way to make us feel welcome. Learned a little about golf.

I didnt see Tiger Woods ther, but I did get pretty close!

That night I came home to some surprising news. My sweet friend Jonathan died suddenly Tuesday morning. He had complications from treatment of a staph infection that turned into septic shock. Jonathan has been apart of WOW for 2 years and had really blossomed into a funny, smart, caring kid.

My heart breaks for family, who are equally wonderful. The news of his passing was the kind of shock that knocks you off your feet. I still can't imagine having a WOW meeting without this face:

Looking thru my computer in the last two weeks I had dozens of pictures of Jonathan. Yet another thing I loved about that kid. He was always willing to pose for the camera

*One important note* Staph Infections are an all too common problem. Septsis can happen when left undiagnosed. Sypmtoms include: high fever, chills, raised heart beat, confusion or disorientation, a reddish rash, and pain in the joints. For more information on staph and sepsis look here . Just something to pass along so maybe we can avoid more tragedies like this.

After such a stressful week (not only Jonathan, but a huge wind storm killed my planned trip to Kings Island AND power for a couple of days and my car battery died) I REALLY needed a weekend of fun. Thats exactly what I found in Chatam Illinois.

Suzie won the chance to cheer with the local high school girls team. I think I see pom poms in her future.

I got to watch Tommy play a football. So fun. He even made a tackle!

If you squint you can see #16 on the field ready for battle.

I spent the weekend visiting with my family there. A really perfect fall weekend with sightseeing, playing Barbies, trying to play WII (getting stomped by me nephew), and LOTS of football. Kind of reminded me to appreciate times like this. You never know how long you will have people in your life, so you are best served to appreciate them as much as possible.

I hope Jonathan knew how mch I appreciated having him in my group.