A Chill is in the Air

Or something like that...

Fall is coming, but the only things in the air right now are things that make my head ache and my nose itch.

I hate allergies!!

Last week I was so sick with allergies, I couldn't get out from under the fog. Add to that an allergy med that was making me sick to my stomach and it was a very long week.

One bright moment to share. I finished this:

It is a loooong overdue wedding present (like, they have been married for a year overdue). I got half way thru and didn't like how it was turning out, so I was unmotivated to finish it. Well, considering I wanted to start my next wedding blanket for a certain someone who just got married, I thought I better buckle down and just git 'er done.

I think Succotash approves.

A sneak peek of my next blanket:

REALLY excited about how this one is going. I LOVE these colors together. Should go together pretty quick.

Gotta go, I have laundry to fold (I know, you are jealous =))