Belated Grandparents Day

I meant to post this on Saturday, which was Grandparents Day. I hope everyone took some time to call their grandparents (nana's, mawmaw's, papy's, etc....) and say hi. I sent my grandpa and grandma each a card, which I sent on Saturday, so they will arrive a little late. =)

Allow me to tell you a little about two of my favorite people:

Grandpa Brinkman
- 4 kids, 16 grandkids, 13 great grand kids
- likes a really dry martini
- Has a Derby party every year (even thought he is in Ohio!)
- Used to play this game called Pokerkeeno with us as a kid
- When he shakes your hand, he holds one tightly and laughs when you try to take it away
- Every year for Christmas, he likes to give out Christmas presents to all his grandkids by making them work for them. Usually involves a riddle or word puzzle of some sort
- Every time I call him, he still greets me with 'well, hello young lady'
- Has taught me about money, making martinis, appreciating the past, and dignity. My grandmother had Alzheimers for almost twenty years, and Grandpa never faltered in loyalty to her. He went to her nursing home every week for mass, celebrated every birthday and anniversary, and always signed every card 'from Grandma and Grandpa'

Grandma Brinkman

- Mother of 8, grandmother of 20, greatgrandmother of 4
- survived: a flood, a tornado, the death of her husband and son in a very short time period, raising 7 boys, and me =)
- Has attended every middle school/high school/college graduation, wedding, shower for all of her grandkids. Even if it entails hopping on a plane.
- Has a way of making every thing you do feel special, and she is ALWAYS proud of you.
- smells like Oil of Olay
- Every once in a while she will send me a note in the mail, for mo reason
- Has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She has taught me that family is the most important thing, and we may not always get along, but we ALWAYS love and support each other. Our family is big, full of big personalities, and she loves us all so much.
- likes irish cream in her coffee
- makes the best homemade noodles and chicken you will ever eat
- Has been there though some of the lowest and highest points in my life.

**hope this inspires you to spread a little grandparent love, even if it is a few days late**