10 Years Later

(my mother, 10 1/2 years ago)

Feeling sentimental today.

10 years ago this morning, my mother lost her fight with cancer. In some ways it feels like a million years ago. In some ways it feels like yesterday. I have been thinking lately about all the things that have changed for me in the past ten years, and it was quite a long list. Ten years ago:

- I was a senior in college, living in Cincinnati

- I was pursuing a degree in costume design and was convinvced I was beginning a long career in the theatre, and making plans to move to a bigger city

- My nephew Tommy was only 3 months old

- My brother David was 16 years old and beginning his last year of high school

- My family had just gotten thru a year where we celebrated my older brother and sister getting married within six months of each other. We all lived within and hour of each other. Some in Cincinnati, some in Dayton

Little did I know how one event would change my life.