Friday, December 14, 2012


Watching..... Fringe. One of my favorite shows, and it is ending in January.So. Bummed.
Reading.......News online about this school shooting in Connecticut. Horribly sad.
Listening..... The Racketeer by John Grisham on audiobook. Excellent story
Drinking..... Egg Nog Lattes
Eating..... Chocolate covered Peppermint JoJo's. Trader Joe's for the win.
Thinking About.... the crazy schedule I have for the next two weeks and all the Christmas gifts I need to finish.

Looking Forward to..... My spa day tomorrow, a birthday gift to myself. Total bliss.
Putting Off Until Tomorrow ..... Folding three large baskets of clean laundry. (secretly hoping my cats will do it ; ) )

I hope you are having a good weekend. The news has been on all day in my house, the stories from Connecticut have had me glued all day. Definitely praying for everyone involved.

The next two weeks are going to be holi-crazy around here. I am hoping I can get my @$(&* together and be organized enought to pull it off. We'll see.



Friday, December 7, 2012

Free Fun Friday-Christmas Printables Roundup

Hey y'all1 It's that time of year..hohoho!! I have been Pinning lots of fun printables (free, of course) and I thought I would pass them along!
Christmas Carol NotecardsPaulo Viveiros

The movie Elf is one of my favorites, and I found movie related artwork all over, like this print.

Let's call this section Gift Tags R'Us. Free gift tag printables are everywhere these days. Here's a few cute ones I stumbled on this year:

Both from Laura Birney

Do you have any new printables you'll be using this year-I need more!! Link me up!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let's Go On An Adventure!-the mini book


This summer two of my best girlfriends (plus one husband) decided to take a white water adventure. It was so fun-we are already planning a trip for next summer. I made this little book to document the weekend. Check it out (I linked all products at the bottom, if you are interested):

Do we look scared? lol We were.

Documenting the 'liquid courage' we drank the night before.

The husband and wife thrillseekers!

The photo on the left makes me laugh every single time. 

Thanks for stopping by! Little books like this are some of my favorites to make. I love my Bind It All because I can mix and match all sorts of papers and make them all tidy. Looking thru these pictures make me even more excited to go back.


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Friday, November 30, 2012

Free Fun Friday -the app edition)

Hey y'all! 

This Friday I wanted to spread a little free-love fun by linking you up to a few new apps I downloaded to my beloved iPod. (and a free Holiday wallpaper!)

Afterglow-Because obviously you need another camera app, right? I just added this one, after seeing many people use it on Instagram. It's pretty popular, but I haven't used it too much so I can't give an opinion. What I liked about it was a set of white frames in different shapes like the one above. Pretty, right?

Matching With Friends-because you also need another game to play...of course. This might be one of my favorites, it's definitely the one I play the most by far. And I've had it for a few months now, so the new shinyness of it has worn off. It's a match colors to score lots of points kind of game. I've followed their page on Facebook, and some players have managed astounding scores-like, several thousand points scores. Mine.......well, they look more like the one above (although this is not my picture, I took it from Google Images)

Ringtone Maker- If you are like me and have TMobile, you their selection of ringtones....well, they stink. This little funmaker lets you take a snippet of your favorite song, or TV quote, or SNL skit and make your own!

Hey Tell- My previously mentioned friend Leah turned me onto this one. It turns your phone into a walkie-talkie of sorts. Say, you want to text someone, but your fingers are too sore too type (from playing Matching With Friends?) You just hit the button and talk away! She and I use this alot-so, basically one of my closest friends: we text, Tweet and Hey Tell each other, but I can't tell you the last time we actually called each other!

Last, but not least:

Choose your own Holiday wallpaper-courtesy of the women of Eighteen25 blog.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend in NYC

Last month one of my besties, Leah and I took off for a long weekend trip to NYC. We have three goals: see some theatre, see a friend, see basically the whole city. I thought I might share a  few of my favorite places in NYC plus a few tips along the way:

#1: Miss Leah in our pimped out limo. We might have rode into the city in style. This actually was a car service that her aunt recommended to us, they threw in the limo as a bribe-us-for-a-better-tip bonus. We soaked it up, and....tipped a little extra

{BONUS TIP}: Get a number for a good car service before you get to the city. They cost about the same as a cab, but they come right to you! Definitely from the airport to the hotel, but even from your hotel to sightseeing it can be a great value!

2. Go to Times Square at night. Seriously, there's nothing like it. The lights, the people watching, it's all the NYC stereotypes rolled into one.

{BONUS TIP  Do not eat at any restaurant in Times Square. I'm sure there are some wonderful eateries there, but guaranteed it will cost you three times what it would elsewhere, plus there are so many people, you can't relax. I recommend 5 Napkins Burger, which is just a few blocks away. so good.} 

#3 The Plaza Hotel. Possibly the prettiest  hotel on the planet. If you can't get a room there, you must go to see the beyond gorgeous lobby. And take a bunch a pictures of you and your friend in this lobby. 

{BONUS TIP: Watch Big Business, then recreate this iconic 80's movie on the steps of the Plaza.}
#4 I am now a HUGE fan of Central Park. In two visits to the city I never made it there. Oh man, was I missing out. I mean really-look at this place:

{BONUS TIP: Look for the guy on Literary Row with a sign that says '$1 Laughs Guaranteed'} {BONUS TIP #2: Look for the 'Alice In Wonderland' statue near the 5th Street side down from the Museum of Art. Such a beauty!}

#5 The Metropolitan Museum Of Art. I've never met an art museum I didn't like, and this one is no exception. I got to see the Cloud City exhibit, now closed

And the Regarding Warhol Exhibit, open until the end of the year.

#6 The 9/11 Memorial was on our itinerary pretty much from the start. We both really wanted to see it. Amazing and beautiful. It was kind of emotional for me, because it brought back a lot of memories. I know there was a lot of controversy about how it was built, but I thought it was very respectful. 

#7 St. Paul's Trinity Church. I didn't even know this place existed? How is that possible?But, I've never met an historic church I didn't want to explore. (Apparently, I have a soft spot for old churches....again.). St. Pauls was the spiritual center of the 9/11 recovery effort and it has a long history that was so fascinating. The spirits of all the people St. Paul's has helped are powerful there. A really beautiful place.

{BONUS TIP: St. Paul's is right across the street from the 9/11 Memorial. Visit the memorial in the early morning, then take a slow tour of the chapel. Powerful combination}

#8. Broadway, Baby! One regret we both had  from our weekend is NOT buying our theatre tickets before we came. Yes, we could have done TKTS day-of, but all the shows we wanted to see were sold out by the time we got there. However, we did see one-Glengary Glenross, starring an up and comer named Al Pacino.  We may have waited outside the stage doors to get an autograph....and geeked out all afternoon about meeting Al Pacino.

So, there's our little weekend trip. It was busy, but fun!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hey y'all!

I've been feeling a little sentimental lately. Could be the holidays coming up? Anyhoo, I wanted to put into words (and I guess, out into the universe) a few of the things big and small that I am thankful for. Thanks for allowing me to gush:

#1:MY JOB. In July I left I job I held for over ten years and started a new one. It was scary, not really my choice, and has been (truthfully) more challenging than I could have ever imagined. All good things, and I am so so blessed to not be among the thousands of people out of work right now. I've also learned so much in the past few months, that's always a good thing. The best part? I LOVE what I do. 80% of the time, I LOVE my job. I look forward to going everyday, and.....I get to do things like this:
My and a few other peeps set up at a craft fair, selling artwork made by our clients.


I'm sorry...I should have warned you about the cuteness about to come your way ; ). 

I've talked a few times on the ole' blog about my family. They are a big blessing to me. Especially these two heartbreakers and their two older cousins. Being an aunt is by far one of the best things in my life, and all four of them are so special to me.

#3: MY HOME. That's a wide category for me- my condo, Louisville, Cincinnati (where I was born and raised), and my country. I would be a completely different person if I lived in another part of the world. Especially as someone with a disability, my life could be a 1000 times harder if I was born an another place. I'm a Midwest girl at heart, and I would be completely different if I was born in another part of the country.

This collection of signs was outside my church the week before Election Day. I thought it was a really lovely sentiment, and the kind of thing that people get persecuted for in other countries.

#4: TRAVEL. Being able (and willing) to travel has been a huge blessing for me. Nothing makes me happier, more inspired than exploring a new city. I love everything about travelling, and I am looking forward to many more stamps on my passport.

#5: TECHNOLOGY. Or, in my case, adaptive technology. As a wheelchair user I am more then grateful for   my wheels. They are strong, lightweight, easy to maneuver, and.......covered by insurance ; ). I went on a mission trip several years ago and passed out wheelchairs to people who needed them. There were several adults who had never had a wheelchair. Until then they had to be carried or used a wheelbarrow, etc. That trip was a huge eye opener for me. How lucky am I to live in a country where this vital piece of technology is available? I feel the same way about the hand controls in my car. I would be a completely different person without the ability to push myself where I needed to go or drive where I want. Completely. 
#6: FRIENDS. Hands down, I have the BEST friends. We've been through pretty much everything .....births, deaths, boyfriends, marriages, vacations, job losses,.... turning 30. I have assembled a really wonderful group of friends and for them-I am truly thankful. This is me with my friend Tiffany  on our summer trip to Europe. 

They are the best roommates.

Somedays (especially around the holidays) I miss my mother like crazy. Some days it still breaks my heart. But today I am really thankful to have had her in my life for as long as I did. How lucky am I that I had someone who loved me enough (that I loved so much) her loss still leaves a hole in my heart? So many people grow up without their mothers or a positive mother figure, and for her I am forever thankful.

A few little things I am so thankful to have in my life:

an artistic spirit.
My iPod Touch
Silly pictures with my wonderful Grandma:

Clinique 3-step System
Neutrogena Hand Cream
Big pots of chili
Not being allergic to chocolate.

There's my list, thanks for stopping by and allowing me to gush! Leave me a comment, I would love to read what you're thankful for (big or small-whatever pops into your heart!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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